Fall 2013

Teachers and librarians, all,

    Welcome to our newest prop for the book Sophie’s Fish. Those familiar with the site will notice some serious pruning. My intent is to keep fresh props coming and retire the older ones sooner, hanging on to a few classics. I remain convinced that the work done here is something unique and important, especially now that we are all bombarded with technology. I love my iPad and all that it makes possible, including the ability to carry within it piles of books. But I firmly believe children will always be amazed and delighted by well designed objects which allow them to see and experience a story in a different dimension than a glittering screen. A good story, told and enacted by an enthusiastic adult is a rare thing. After thirty four years of doing this work I delight in the role I play in helping that happen. So stay tuned.


        Book Props are handmade, beautifully detailed, interactive sets that add depth and visual excitement to storytelling in classroom and library group settings. All the props are based on a complete visual reinvention of specific children’s books. We never copy illustrations from the books we use, in fact we go out of our way to make them entirely our own. Our Show-a-tale aprons and banners, with velcro-sticking ability, are the preferred methods of presentation for our props. Our work is entirely made here in Oregon and is original, well-crafted and fully guaranteed. This is the only place on the planet where Book Props can be purchased. We use a variety of durable fabrics from brushed nylon to felted wool, much of which we dye to get specific colors. The individual pieces are sewn, silkscreened, sometimes stuffed and finely hand painted. The intent is to capture the attention of children to bring stories alive and to add a visual dimension to the unique pleasure that is storytelling. Libraries and schools all across the US who use our props tell us how much delight they bring.. We are deeply grateful to Dr. Peggy Sharp for using Book Props in her seminars around the United States.



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